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Mission Statement

elan Fire Protection Systems LTD design, engineer, install and service the world's most efficient and effective fire suppression systems.

Elan Fire Protection Systems LTD was formed in mid-2015 to market, sell and service the world's most efficient and effective low-pressure Water Mist systems and BurnStop™ fire protection additives for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential fire protection.

Elan Fire Protection Systems LTD was founded by Eric Cranswick, a global authority on fire suppression systems, Allan Briggs, owner of Cache Instrumentation, a major supplier of flow measuring equipment, and Canadian businessman Donald Cooper, MBA, a respected global business advisor. Sadly, Allan Briggs passed away in November of 2016 and our industry lost a brilliant mind, a gentleman, and a strong supporter.

Eric Cranswick, Elan Fire Protection Systems LTD Managing Director, has been a go-to consultant, expert and manager for major fire protection projects on 5 continents. He leads a team with over 110 years of combined in-house experience in the design, engineering, installation, and ongoing maintenance of effective fire protection systems globally - including some of the world's most secure and strategic sites.

Elan FPS guarantees a unique combination of:

  • Proprietary, high-performance, low pressure Water Mist nozzles, tested and approved to have the lowest required water use on the market
  • World renowned BurnStop™ fire suppression retardant additives which greatly assist in the extinguishing of fires which then prevents reignition
  • Global experience, expertise and trusted reputation
  • The most effective fire protection systems, competitive prices and unparalleled service

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