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ANPRO - Animal Protection System

Fire Protection for Animals

Elan Fire Protection Systems Ltd are proud to announce the launch of their new animal protection systems in conjunction and tested with some of the industry's leading fire and fire investigation experts.

The ANPRO System, by Elan FPS Ltd, is designed and tested for the protection of animals and livestock in: stables; kennels; catteries; and zoos. The ANPRO system uses Elan FPS Ltd world renowned environmentally friendly and non toxic BurnStop™ additive.

  • The fully automatic system detects fire and prevents its spread in its very early stages swiftly suppressing the fire. ANPRO, by Elan FPS Ltd, provides 24/7 protection for valuable animals, livestock and pets from the ravages of fire using very little water.
  • The ANPRO system is capable of extremely fast detection and fire control whilst at the same time giving instant alert to owners 24/7, making ANPRO the worlds leading animal protection system.
  • Our ANPRO can be retro fitted to existing stables, kennels, catteries and zoos or installed during the building of new ones.

You owe it to the animals in your care to ensure they are kept in a safe protected environment - install ANPRO by Elan FPS Ltd. Call 01924 614 734 now for details.

The following images are of a stable block without the protection of ANPRO by ElanFPS.

The following images are of a stable block which is protected with ANPRO by ElanFPS.

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Annually worldwide tens of thousands of animals are killed in fires. Using our ANPRO system can reduce this number