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Watermist Systems

Elan Fire Protection Systems has the world’s lowest usage of water, most environmental, tested and approved low pressure Water Mist system.

The Water Mist system was first introduced into the UK in the year 2000 by Elan’s current Managing Director for the protection of vulnerable people in residential and domestic properties. The system utilises various nozzles, designed for specific applications using BurnStop additive and was designated as the LP2000 system.

This unique system instigated major change to the UK fire suppression industry, and with BurnStop™ additives, showed it was capable of matching sprinklers in performance whilst only using 21% the amount of water in residential and domestic fires.

The system and its vast benefits, especially in retro fitting into properties, with limited space, and has been used in some of the UK’s most prestigious projects and along with Elan FPS Ltd.’s Managing Director was instrumental in driving the industry into producing, what is now the current British standards BS8458 residential and domestic BS8489 commercial and industrial Water Mist systems, and was the first to pass BS8489.

The LP2000 system and its various heads are used be Elan FPS Ltd and along with the ownership of all BurnStop™ additives and products, are the only company which can install these heads with any test certification that applies to them, all other low pressure Water Mist systems which has evolved from the merit of the Elan system, use 3-5 times more water, requiring larger water storage, larger pipes and more pump power. After extensive research and development to keep up to modern building practices, Elan FPS Ltd will be introducing its new range of AB Hydro nozzles for extensive cover, which just passed rigorous fire test trials, with insurance company overview, and will be available in the new year, fully tested to the BS Standards.

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