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Wet & Dry Rise Systems

Wet Riser

Wet fire main water supply pipe installed in a building for fire-fighting purposes and should be permanently charged with water, pressurised and landing valves, for fire service use, installed at specific points, where there are floors higher than 50m above fire service access level, to ensure that water is immediately available at all floors.

The system should be capable of supplying two fire-fighting jets for 45 min when water is being used at a total rate of 1,500L/min, each main should be fed from 2 interconnected tanks, of nominal equal capacity and have a total minimum capacity of 45,000ltrs. Both tanks should be automatically supplied from mains water supply controlled by ball valves.

Dry Risers

Dry rising fire mains are installed in multi floor buildings, where there is restricted access for fire services to pump water to specific predetermined points within the building.

An inlet box located at the outside of the building, at ground floor level, housing a twin inlet breacher for fire service connection. For fire service connection to charge the system with water at the required pressure ready to connect hoses at the required floor to fight any fire.

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The “responsible” person for the building is required to maintain the system to BS9990:2015 code of practice, annual pressure test should be carried out by a qualified competent person. Elan FPS Ltd have the qualified engineers and mobile pump equipment to enable correct simulation for fire service use when required.

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